Or Maybe it has already begun

One Promise has been around for quite some time. After realizing how my style has changed, I knew I had to update the site. I finally went through some of the pages and rewrote them. The information I have is from my sister. She owns all the games, and I watch her constantly when she plays them. I plan to bring more the shrine, but right now the essays are small and not too detailed based on opinions and such.

For the second layout, I used two different images and merged them together. The images of Kairi and Sora are from Kingdom Hearts Wiki. The pattern was created by me by using different textures from cloaks@deviantart. The fonts used throughout the site are: Crimson Text, Playfair Display, Catamaran, EB Garamond, and Dancing Script. All fonts are from Google Fonts. The quotes used in the header are from Kairi's Letter from Kingdom Hearts II. There is also no name for this layout, and this is version two.

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